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Optimize Your HubSpot CRM for AI in 7 Steps

Feb 20, 2024 / by Lex Hultquist posted in HubSpot, AI, HubSpot AI, HubSpot AI Assistants

Optimizing your HubSpot CRM for AI success involves several key steps to ensure that you leverage AI capabilities effectively to enhance customer relationships, improve efficiency, and drive business growth.

Like other HubSpot automation and reporting tools, HubSpot's AI Assistants and integration with ChatGPT, ChatSpot, work best when meshed with your business strategy and processes. Here's how to optimize your HubSpot CRM for AI success in seven steps:

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Supercharge 2024 with HubSpot AI Assistants

Feb 15, 2024 / by Lex Hultquist posted in HubSpot, CRM, AI, HubSpot AI, HubSpot AI Assistants

Seemingly overnight, the ability to harness the power of AI for business is at our fingertips. Organizations embracing AI are gaining an incredible competitive advantage. 

HubSpot AI tools are revolutionizing operations for sales, marketing, and customer success teams. HubSpot AI Assistants streamline and expedite processes, slash production time, uncover hidden reporting insights, and empower data-driven decisions like never before. 

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Setup UTM Tracking in HubSpot with Custom Properties and Forms

Oct 11, 2023 / by Lex Hultquist posted in HubSpot, analytics, lead conversion, HubSpot reporting, forms, custom properties, utm parameters

Curious which of your ads are leading to revenue? Want to know which channel has the highest conversion rate?

UTM parameters allow you to measure and analyze your website conversions at a more granular level, providing marketers a great way to track the effectiveness of their channels, campaigns, and content. 

UTMs provide you with significantly more visibility into your revops metrics. When you capture and report on UTMs in HubSpot, you're able to: 

  • Identify the specific assets, ads, and campaigns that are driving the most revenue
  • Uncover the source of a specific conversion, i.e. how your prospect got to your website for the specific conversion session
  • Enhance your multi-touch attribution

By simply adding hidden fields on your forms and including some additional information in your URL link, you can quickly and easily begin capturing this essential data. 

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How to Convert More Leads with A/B Testing in HubSpot

Mar 10, 2022 / by Lex Hultquist posted in marketing, HubSpot, lead conversion, marketing automation, a/b testing

EDITORS NOTE: This blog was originally published August 10, 2018 and has been updated.

A/B testing (or split testing, if you prefer) might be the most underutilized tool marketers have today. Consider, in less than 3 minutes you can:

  • Set up a test to see if your call-to-action could be more powerful
  • Try two great layouts on your landing page
  • Test out both of your catchy subject lines.
The possibilities are nearly endless.

An A/B test means showing two versions of the same website page, email, or blog to visitors simultaneously and measuring performance for both variations. The version that performs better wins, it's as simple as that.

HubSpot's CRM and automation software tools make it easy to perform an A/B test on nearly every piece of digital marketing collateral, from website pages to emails, to ads and CTAs. 

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Implementing Revenue Operations in HubSpot

Feb 28, 2022 / by Lex Hultquist posted in HubSpot, HubSpot reporting, HubSpot Custom Objects, RevOps, Revenue Operations

Using prospect and customer data to solve today's business challenges requires a unified system that can automate and report on all of your essential business processes and functions. Successful and scalable teams today have a key factor in common - they function as a cohesive revenue team that competently handles revenue operations.

What is Revenue Operations?

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is the fusion of your marketing, sales, and customer success processes, and data into one cohesive and aligned system. Together, these functions provide critical business insights in real-time.

Orienting your marketing, sales, and customer services teams around a single, highly-visible, set of KPIs provides several essential advantages, including the ability to quickly identify and overcome obstacles across departments and to optimize both processes and teams for predictable, scalable, growth. 

As an emerging area critical to the success of growing companies and organizations, teams of all shapes and sizes have merged teams, roles, and responsibilities to unify their understanding customers, better measure marketing and sales efforts, and automate processes and data reporting. 

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Using Custom Association Labels Between Objects in HubSpot

Feb 18, 2022 / by Lex Hultquist posted in HubSpot, HubSpot Custom Objects, Custom Objects, RevOps, CRM

Setup Multiple Types of Associations Between Contacts, Companies, and Deals in Your HubSpot Portal

RevOps teams understand the visibility and power that comes from associating object records in your CRM. There are significant limitations to the reporting and automation capabilities of a database that must rely soley on data stored within custom property values, as opposed to creating a relationship with another object record.

With custom associations, you can create additional relationships between contacts, companies, deals, and tickets, identifying relationships such as partners or distributors. Proper associations are one the of the keys to a creating scalable reporting and automation in your organization. 

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HubSpot Lead Source Tracking 101 - Getting to Know Original Source and Latest Source Properties

Nov 18, 2021 / by Lex Hultquist

Attribution and source reporting is one of the most critical aspects of revenue operations, as it directly influences budget and ROI decision-making. HubSpot's powerful CRM comes with several layers of built-in source and attribution data, which be utilized to provide a highly-detailed and granular view of your marketing efforts.

Most healthy and active HubSpot portals are literally swimming in data. This, however, can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding which marketing and sales activities to measure, and how to report on them in an insightful way. Regardless of other reporting needs, it is essential to understand what channels deliver the best, most qualified leads, as it is a requirement to determining where to spend / maximize your budget. Despite its importance, many organizations still struggle to assemble a complete picture of what can sometimes be a very complex lead source landscape.

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How to Create a Custom Object in HubSpot - No Coding Required

Nov 2, 2021 / by Lex Hultquist posted in HubSpot, analytics, HubSpot reporting, HubSpot Custom Objects, Custom Objects, RevOps, CRM

PLUS Six Examples of Custom Object You Can Make in HubSpot

Does it ever feel like no combination of custom properties, lists, and workflows can solve a particularly important reporting or automation challenge?

Many organizations find themselves in a position where they need to store a significant amount of data unique to their organization and their industry, which cannot be easily managed using custom properties alone.

The solution? Custom objects! These can be created in your HubSpot enterprise portal and can be associated with existing contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and even other custom objects!

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Tricks and Treats with HubSpot Dashboards - Adoption, Analyzation, and Automation

Oct 21, 2021 / by Lex Hultquist

Reporting and dashboards are some of the defining features of HubSpot's CRM and automation tools. There are a number of useful tips and tricks you can use to enhance your HubSpot dashboards, share more data with your team, and maximize utilization within your organization.

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6 Free Integrations and Apps to Supercharge Your HubSpot Portal

Jul 15, 2021 / by Lex Hultquist posted in sales, technology, HubSpot, customer acquisition, optimization

There are now thousands of apps that seamlessly connect with HubSpot, plus tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands existing API configurations with custom apps that exist to help companies grow better.

Every organization has its own set of priorities when it comes to infusing HubSpot across its specific tech stack; however, there are a number of high-value, free-version apps every company can connect to HubSpot in order to extract more value from the platform. We've outlined six of these free apps to get you started maximizing your HubSpot investment. (and a bonus with Google Sheets at the bottom!)

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