How to Set Up Your Deal Pipeline and Stages in HubSpot CRM

May 3, 2019 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in technology, HubSpot, sales enablement

Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in July 2018 and updated in May 2019.

HubSpot CRM is a great tool to help sales leaders gain visibility into their pipeline and to implement measurable change in their organization.

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Setting up well-defined deal stages is an important first step to gaining insight into your sales funnel and improving sales team performance.

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Mapping Your Sales Process 101: HubSpot Lifecycle Stages, Lead Statuses, and Deal Stages

Apr 29, 2019 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in HubSpot, sales enablement, marketing automation

Setting yourself up for success within HubSpot is a critical process. HubSpot contains a powerful set of tools to help increase lead generation and customer acquisition, but it's not a magic button that is ready to go from the gate. You need to properly configure your system to make it work well for your organization, and that starts with properly mapping your sales process using lifecycle stages, lead statuses, and deal stages.

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Lead Generation Tips: When Cold Calling Isn't Working Anymore

Dec 28, 2018 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in sales, sales enablement, lead generation

If you've been noticing a diminishing return on your cold calling investment, you're not the only one. Digital technology has massively disrupted the way business communication is conducted, and sales teams are seriously feeling the impact. 

The harsh reality for many sales teams is that in today's modern marketplace, cold calling just isn't sufficient to hit your sales and growth goals.

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11 Clever Ways to Use the HubSpot Prospects Tool

Nov 7, 2018 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in sales, technology, HubSpot, sales enablement

The HubSpot growth stack includes tons of useful tools for sales and marketing teams. One of its most powerful and intriguing features is known as the Prospects tool. It's a tool that's been around since the very early days of HubSpot, and it's one of the most interesting features to both new and existing HubSpot customers.

Understanding the potential power of the HubSpot Prospects tool and how to leverage it gives marketing and sales teams a huge competitive edge.

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Create a 2019 Sales Plan in 9 Steps

Oct 30, 2018 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in sales enablement

A clearly defined and organized sales plan is the perfect launchpad for success if you want to crush your 2019 growth goals.  

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HubSpot Tools to Speed Up Your Sales Process and Close More Deals

Sep 12, 2018 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in sales, technology, HubSpot, sales enablement, marketing automation

The world’s most popular marketing automation platform, HubSpot, is primarily known for its ability to help marketing teams, but there are so many powerful facets of the software that are designed to supercharge sales for your company.

Many sales leaders are cautiously optimistic about marketing automation software like HubSpot, but they're just not sure how the technology applies to them. 

HubSpot includes a full set of sales productivity tools that help streamline and speed up your sales process. These technology tools allow sales teams to spend more time selling, shortening average sales cycles and increasing sales team happiness. Let’s take a look at some of the top tools helping sales teams fuel performance.

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The Dirty Little Secret About Marketing Automation

Aug 23, 2018 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in sales, technology, sales enablement, marketing automation

Marketing automation exists primarily to help companies generate revenue. Because, really, what's the point of marketing if it's not generating revenue? The way we see it, marketing shouldn't even be happening at your company if it's not strategically generating revenue in a predictable and scalable way.

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How to Use Your B2B Website to Acquire New Customers IRL

Aug 8, 2018 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in sales, marketing, sales enablement, websites, lead generation, customer acquisition

Websites can serve a number of different purposes. But, if your B2B website isn't helping you to acquire new customers, then it's not doing its job.

Almost all companies have a website, which is a great start. Some even look really nice. But just having a nice-looking website isn't enough to generate leads and acquire new customers for most businesses. You need to take a strategic approach to attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing customers in order to truly impact revenue growth in real life (IRL).

Sales and marketing leaders should leverage their most valuable digital asset to generate leads and acquire customers, and your website has the potential to be your most powerful sales and marketing tool. This is true even for companies that handle the majority of their sales process offline - on the phone with a sales rep, for example. 

Regardless of your industry or audience, the elements required to turn your website into a lead generation and customer acquisition tool are essentially the same. Implement these steps to start using your B2B website to generate leads and close customers.

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6 Automated Email Campaigns to Accelerate Your Entire Funnel

Aug 7, 2018 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in technology, marketing, sales enablement, marketing automation

Automated email campaigns, also known as nurture campaigns, are a powerful way to accelerate revenue growth across your entire marketing and sales funnel.

Nurture campaigns are a wise investment because they can usually be built using assets you already have, and they require fairly low maintenance to maintain and optimize post-launch. These campaigns work hard for you in the background, freeing up your sales and marketing teams to work on higher-priority opportunities or more strategic initiatives.

A nurture campaign is made up of a series of automated email messages that are sent to a specific audience according to a pre-established schedule. You can design these automated email campaigns to generate growth in a variety of ways, for both sales and marketing teams. These campaigns are easily built with marketing automation software.

Explore six automated email campaigns that accelerate growth across the entire funnel, from warming up marketing-qualified leads to getting a second chance with deals you've lost.

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The Struggle is Real: 4 Common Pains of Sales Teams + How to Solve Them

Jul 30, 2018 / by Meghan Hultquist posted in sales, sales enablement

Sales teams often face a special set of challenges. Technology has fundamentally changed the way that people buy, and sales teams in every industry are feeling the impact. Cold calling is often ineffective, and many other traditional sales approaches are returning diminishing results as well.

With constant pressure to hit their numbers, sales teams start to panic, and performance starts to dip. As a sales leader, you must act quickly to resolve the issues your team is facing in order to improve sales performance. 

Your first step should be diagnosing the problem that your team is struggling with. Read on to explore four of the most common struggles of sales teams and ways to solve them. 

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