58 Effective Ways to Segment Your Email Database

Aug 14, 2018 / by Lex Hultquist | 3-Minute Read

58 effective ways to segment your email databaseWhen it comes to segmentation, many companies lean on the basics, splitting up their email database by industry, persona, and/or stage of the funnel. But why stop there?

Marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot make it easy to create lists based on actions and engagements taken by your website visitors. When you augment this data with offline touch points logged in your CRM, there are an endless number of trigger combinations you can use to segment your audience and deliver highly-customized marketing and sales campaigns.

Pinpointing these precise actions and engagements makes your marketing and sales efforts exponentially more effective.

Here are 58 different triggers you can use to segment your database into lists for more effective marketing and sales. Use these database segmentation ideas to deliver tailored content or as a part of your lead scoring model to amplify your marketing and sales funnel. 

Email Segmentation Ideas

Create lists or positive lead scoring attributes for contacts who:

  1. Watch any video
  2. Watch any 3 videos
  3. Watch a specific video
  4. Visit a specific page
  5. Visit a specific page more than 3 times
  6. Visit any page
  7. Visit any 3 pages
  8. Visit any 10 pages
  9. Visit any 50 pages
  10. Visit a specific set of pages
  11. Request a demo
  12. Request a quote
  13. Request a case study
  14. Make a referral
  15. View 3 case studies
  16. Cancel an order
  17. Cancel a subscription
  18. Complete any survey
  19. Complete a specific survey
  20. Complete any 3 surveys
  21. Open a specific email
  22. Open any email
  23. Open any 3 emails
  24. Open any 10 emails
  25. Open all of a sequence of emails
  26. Never opened an email
  27. Never visited the website
  28. Never completed a form
  29. Never read a blog post
  30. Update deal stage
  31. Update lead status
  32. Update subscription type
  33. Become a member
  34. Change membership type
  35. Have less than 7 days until renewal date
  36. Purchase order over $10,000
  37. Select an option
  38. See a testimonial
  39. Update a contact property
  40. Specific URL in email address
  41. Email and blog view
  42. Email and landing page view
  43. Email view and download
  44. Email, blog and landing page view
  45. Email and blog view, plus download
  46. Made a recent purchase
  47. Click an accordion
  48. Click a slider
  49. Click a tab
  50. Click a button
  51. Click a CTA
  52. Submit a form
  53. Met at tradeshow
  54. Subscribe to the blog
  55. Visit your website in the past 48 hours
  56. Attend any webinar
  57. Attend multiple webinars
  58. Attend an event

If you're interested in learning how to measure the effectiveness of these triggers with events tracking, check out this related post.

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